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    I did it! I was trying for years to make photos of this beautiful animal, but either the distance was too big, or the camera was not so good, or I had no photos left to be made with the camera and thus I only managed to get some small black spots in the photos, nothing conclusive. In 2009 I organized a trip on the South of Piatra Craiului mountain with some friends, passionate about nature: Titel, alpinist, Victor, mountain passionate, Ionut, explorer of the mountain and I. The camp was set at 1900 meters in the only glade that had a river. In the evening Titel and Victor climbed on the ridge of the mountain on a very difficult way up; afterwards it was my turn to achieve my goal. A chamois was grazing in the glade.  I was getting close to it very slowly so that I can take photos. It allowed me to get closer up to 10-15 meters, enough to have a silent communication with the animal. While the chamois was supervising my movements, I was trying to convince it that I was no danger for it. It was a very interesting experience.  

    I laid in the grass and I put the photo camera near me. Gusts of wind swells the canvas tent that it stuck to my head. I wished for some more time off and a good sleep. After couple of days I missed the sound of the wind. It was dawn when I entered into the silence of the glade. My friends were sleeping in the tents. I could see the shadow of a chamois on the dark sky. A chamois was napping in the glade, near the river. In the valley only couple of small lights from a lodge could be seen.  Flashes of lightning appeared on the horizon, announcing a storm. Still, I had some time left.

I started to play the thieves and gendarmes with another chamois grazing. All was going around a rock formation that I was using as a cover in the new attempt to approach me more to the animal. After couple of moments the chamois disappeared. I moved slowly trying to find it. I lifted my head to the rock that I was trying to bypass, I started to smile to myself, while the chamois was looking at me curiously from the top of the rock.

    We were all getting down fast through juniper trees to get rid of the most difficult part of the route until the storm started. I got in front of them. I had another photo session before entering the Grand Debris.

 The end was that the last chamois photographed walked the path before me quite a way. Rain ... rain pouring. Titel and Victor expected that I and Ionut appear from behind a cliff. A lightning streaked the sky on our way, which gave them some fears.

  You would believe that the earth cracked when the thunder was heard, the noise being amplified by the rocky amphitheater under the ridge. Until we got to Spirlea

 refuge the rain has stopped, giving us time to change our wet clothes and eat

something. It was good.